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Designed and developed for mountain bikers ...

SKEAN is an industrial adventure combining cycling passion and technical know-how.
The goal is to create innovative products where Quality and Creativity take over profitability and uselessness.
The technical evolution of bike frames, their fragility and their ever-increasing price, make the concept of longevity an important element.
As some protection products do not exist, CADAIX developed and put on the market in 2009 the first reusable elastomer protections, the "toptube" under the trademark SKEAN.

The idea is simple: a universal design (registered models), a technical plastic material, cleanable, reusable and affordable. Not to mention "Made in France".

A 100% CADAIX design, injection tools and a France production are an integral part of the specifications.

But a project is nothing without support. For this, the benevolent welcome of satisfied users and top riders makes these protections a commercial success.
Present at the highest international level, they become indispensable for those who value their investment as a helmet has become essential to protect the head of a cyclist.

Almost a matter of common sense ...

Thank you all who use the Skean Bike protections.

Be proud to wear them, they deserve it!

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